By moving my legs, touching the ground with my feet wide, shifting my hip out and reaching the knees with my hands I feel my body layered, unfolding, built into a multisensory, physically challenging experience. It is like having an elastic thread that connects my right knee to my left hand, then it moves between my left foot and my head, constantly changing to another position… The language of movement nurtures imagination, balance, agility, delicacy, power, coordination.

I perceive everything as movement and flow:
The body in relation with the environment, the sensations in connection with the mind.

Is that real? Following Spinoza's theory, a human being’s mind perceives everything that happens in his or her body by way of imagination (rather than intellect), and “nothing can happen in that body which is not perceived by the mind”.

Furthermore, everything has its own body, everything is animate, even if to different degrees, as Spinoza remarks, ”For each thing there is necessarily an idea in God, of which God is the cause in the same way as he is of the idea of the human Body. And so, whatever we have said of the idea of the human Body must also be said of the idea of any thing”. 

Is this reason why I feel everything flows? I can perceive every external body at the same time from different points of imagination. Is perception a state of mind? It probably is. And it’s by trying to understand and define this dynamic research on what I’m feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting in my body. I’m in a surreal suspended macro space-time, where invisible and unstable micro perceptions move and change by connecting with each other, destabilizing what has just passed and mixing with what is coming.

“Theory of imagination” Spinoza